Explore our library of resources authored by Scotwork’s negotiation experts. See below a choice of blog articles, course brochures, eBooks and videos.

Explore our library of resources authored by Scotwork’s negotiation experts. See below a choice of blog articles, course brochures, eBooks and videos.

We Surveyed 6,600 Salespeople and This is What We Found

Capability Survey Findings

Only  18%  have a fall back plan if they cannot reach agreement     


Only  21%  think the relationship has been strengthened when they complete a negotiation


Prime Ministers Fighting Over Marbles

Yannis Dimarakis

I am Greek, so I cannot claim objectivity on the subject matter. But it is hard to refrain from pointing out a few points of interest, from a negotiator’s viewpoint.

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Imposter Syndrome and Its Impact on Negotiation– A Guide for Negotiators

Keith Stacey

Negotiators often rate their own ability as below average, and this lack of confidence, when combined with self-defeating behaviours, becomes a crippling disadvantage...

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Flash Keegan

Stephen White

I was a nerd as a teenager. You don’t need to know all the details but one indicator was that my crowning desire was to possess my own copy of Encyclopaedia Britannica. Priced (in the 1970’s) at a staggering £1200 for all 25 volumes it was so far...

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Just plumb wrong!

David Bannister

In my house, I had, until recently, a large copper tank which contained our hot water supply. Some years ago, I had a “rainwater” shower installed – one of these wonderful things that cascade hot water over you in the morning as you brace yourself...

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Advancing Negotiation Skills

The ultimate programme in negotiation skills development

Virtual Advancing Negotiation Skills

The same negotiation skills development programme but in a virtual environment

Negotiating Foundation Workshop

This workshop starts you on a life-changing journey towards negotiating control

Negotiating Essentials

This eLearning programme provides an introduction to the process of negotiation

Coaching Negotiation Skills

This programme helps internal coaches to sustain the development of negotiation skills as a core competence


This programme gives more experienced negotiators the skills to tackle complex, multi-party negotiations

Negotiation Skills Capability Survey

This survey benchmarks your people against worldwide best practice and helps you to understand strengths and development needs

Capability Survey Findings Report

This report has one of the most comprehensive sets of researched data about negotiators and their own views of their capabilities, shortcomings and understanding of the negotiating process

Powerful Results

Key success findings from Scotwork course participants, covering improved performance, financial return and personal benefits

The Negotiating Profile

This profile gives your negotiators the power of self-improvement


Controversial Tales of the Unexpected

Earlier this year we asked Scotwork alumni and blog readers to give their responses to some negotiating dilemmas which involve controversial situations. We were interested in the ‘on the hoof’ decisions with an ethical dimension which we all have to make from time to time during a negotiation.

Is negotiation in your company's DNA?

Does your team understand what defines a "great" negotiation outcome for the organisation? Read our 9 key steps to the transformation process to becoming a negotiating organisation

Pushing Price Rises: A Tactical Toolkit

Businesses everywhere are confronting demands for price increases from their customers and suppliers. In some cases, it is a question of survival. It is important therefore, to act quickly and get to the head of the queue. As such, here are some useful tips...

Fending Off Inflationary Demands: A Tactical Toolkit

Price rises are the norm, and probably will be for the foreseeable future. Some requests for increases will be legitimate, many will be opportunistic. As the front-line defence, it is incumbent on supply and procurement managers to be ready. With this in mind, here are some of the key things to consider when preparing your defences against creeping costs...

Negotiating in Uncertain Times

Over the past months we have endured unprecedented disruption. This sequence of events has taken us from uncertainty to hyperuncertainty, a frozen state of mind that hinders normative behaviour. This eBook provides some strategic, tactical and skill-based ideas on how to negotiate more successfully in these hyperuncertain times.

Understanding Negotiation Power

Power is critical to any negotiation. Take control of the power balance and you are empowered to turn any negotiation to your advantage and secure the best deal. This e-book gives negotiators of all abilities essential insights into the nature and use of negotiating power.

Negotiating via Email

While email is convenient and expedient, it’s fraught with peril for both skilled and unskilled negotiators alike. This eBook provides top tips on how to negotiate via email.

Telephone Negotiations

Top tips on how to handle phone negotiations

Top Tips & Hints for Negotiating Virtually

We are confined to thinking about how we adapt our current means of negotiating to a new environment, so let’s turn the whole thing inside out and think about how video conferencing platforms empower us to do things differently.

Keep Sharp - Negotiation Skill Tips

Our negotiation skill tips are a distillation of, often, complex analysis into simple, practical, usable language and techniques designed to be relevant in the real world. This eBook is collection of top 10 skill tips for successful negotiation.

The Dirty Tricks of Negotiation and How to Spot Them

Negotiation can be hazardous. There are dozens of underhand tactics out there designed to wrest control and push you from the negotiating table empty-handed. Hard to detect, these dirty tricks can be ruthlessly effective. They can catch you off-guard and force you to concede again and again. Identifying and side-stepping these threats will help you keep control and secure a better deal.

The Dirty Tricks of Negotiation and How to Spot Them 2

Every day Scotwork experts observe negotiation in action all over the world. Over 100,000 hours of deal-making analysis has exposed a minefield of sneaky tactics, ranging from the slightly questionable to the downright dirty. Dirty Tricks Volume 2 builds upon the popularity of Dirty Tricks Volume 1 and brings together 10 more of the most notorious negotiation tricks.

5 Tips for Negotiation Preparation

Need help with preparation? Here are 5 easy tips on how to prepare for negotiations.

10 Negotiation Dilemmas

Who goes first? Do I ask for what I want? Here is the list of 10 most common dilemmas faced by the negotiator.

10 Tips for the Negotiator Who Wants Answers

Having problems getting the information you need from the other party? Here are 10 tips on how to ask questions in negotiation.

Insight Pieces

Dealing With Difficult People

Alan Smith

Negotiation Is A Trading Process

Robin Copland

Hope Is Not A Strategy

John McMillan


Why Scotwork?

Scotwork Negotiating Essentials - Detailed Clip



The Benefits of Scotwork Negotiation Skills Training

Nick Ford - Director, Global Client Operations at WPP

Scotwork Essentials - Short Clip

Scotwork Preparation Tool Tutorial