Virtual Advancing Negotiation Skills

Our Virtual Advancing Negotiation Skills (V.A.N.S.) course takes Scotwork’s flagship training into a high-energy virtual environment. The course is delivered through a live online training environment that recreates the A.N.S. classroom experience. V.A.N.S. is run by expert negotiators and delivers a unique mix of fascinating insights, inspiring stories, authentic case-plays and in-depth video analysis – all expertly orchestrated on a video conferencing platform. This world-class course equips your people to negotiate with confidence and success

Who is it for?

V.A.N.S. is perfect for anyone within your business who negotiates at some level, whether that’s external or internal negotiations. We train people across all functions: Sales / Commercial; Purchasing / Procurement; Learning & Development; HR; Senior Management and many more.


“I am delighted with the multimedia virtual programme that Scotwork provided and the resulting level of engagement and feedback from the team. There is already, in evidence, a change in behaviour that I am confident will deliver a significant return on our investment.”


Simon Thomas – Chief Commercial Officer, FIFA

What does

V.A.N.S. teach?


Knowing where and how to take control is the cornerstone of good negotiating technique



Our Preparation Tool cuts through complexity by defining clear goals and priorities



Knowledge of our eight-stage process helps navigate the twists and turns of dealmaking



Learn how to flex your negotiation skills and achieve successful outcomes in online meetings


“With over 125,000 employees and offices all over the world, we invited Scotwork to be our gold-standard negotiation training partner for the company. Over 10 years later we are still working with them around the world, getting great returns. The people we train through their courses say it is the best training they have ever done.”


Rick Brook, SVP Global Client Operations - WPP

More about the course




Tailored for your business needs, V.A.N.S. teaches how to negotiate professionally, ethically and successfully. It gives your people the control and confidence to side-step hazards, seize the initiative and deploy creative techniques to land the best deal. All this happens in an online learning environment that’s inspiring, hands-on, team-spirited and fun.


V.A.N.S. takes a practical approach to skills building. 80% of time is devoted to virtual case-play exercises and 20% to lecture-style teaching. Each case-play recreates a typical conflict scenario. Participants work in teams to find a resolution using different negotiation techniques. Each course module includes a short lecture, preparation, case-plays and follow-up video analysis. V.A.N.S. training comes with a choice of two timetables, either as a single 2.5-day course or as four 5-6 hour sessions spread over one or two weeks.


The V.A.N.S. course is hosted by expert Scotwork coaches with many years of in-the-field negotiation experience. They critique case-plays in real time, deliver instant, incisive feedback and give on-the-spot guidance. With a tutor-to-trainee ratio of just 1:6, every participant is guaranteed plenty of high quality, one-on-one coaching.


V.A.N.S. takes the classroom to the desktop and brings negotiation to life in a safe, virtual environment for easier learning and practice. It saves the time and cost of team travel and accommodation, gives you the flexibility of training your people in out-of-office locations and offers your negotiators the convenience of learning critical negotiating skills at home. All the skills your teams learn virtually on V.A.N.S. are transferrable and can be applied in face-to-face negotiations as well.

Before and after

V.A.N.S. is much more than a short course. For many people, it acts as a starting point for a lifetime of skills building.


Our Negotiation Profile questionnaire captures the confidence of participants before the course begins. It picks up areas of high and low confidence, and pinpoints which aspects need most attention. This revealing snapshot helps our coaches to draw up a Personal Development Plan for each trainee.


Before training, participants are encouraged to give us insight into their organisation and its approach to negotiation, via our online Capabilty Survey. This, combined with stakeholder analysis, allows our consultants to focus the training on optimising outcomes for the organisation as well as the individual.


Once V.A.N.S. is completed, participants use their Personal Development Plan as a roadmap to hone their skills over time. They also gain free access to the Scotwork Toolbox, a folio of online content, applications and tools to inspire and help them in future negotiations. Our Preparation Tool is invaluable for pre-negotiation planning, while the Scotwork App gives useful diagnostics, tips and techniques.

How does your business compare?

Do your negotiation skills size up to the industry benchmark? Find out with the Scotwork Negotiation Skills Capability Survey.

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