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The training is virtual, the learning is real

Mark Simpson
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In our modern world we increasingly meet and negotiate virtually. And during this current period of uncertainty even more so.  The demand for increased skills to deal with these new challenges is clear and as a result, Scotwork have launched our ground-breaking multimedia virtual negotiation skills training course.

For 45 years, we have helped our clients strike better deals, resolve conflicts faster, strengthen relationships, and create stronger commercial cultures. Now, we’re helping them do all of that and more, remotely.

While the training is virtual, the learning is real. Our team of expert negotiators will help your team develop critical skills directly from the comfort of anywhere, engaging and coaching just as we’d do in a classroom.

You might argue there has never been a better time to upskill your people.

Around the world, our Governments exalt us to be “kind to each other” and “work together”. Under normal circumstances we find our needs, wants and objectives at odds with those of others we deal with. Right now, in this time of uncertainty and stress, that’s likely to be even more so, whether this be at work or at home.

Our families, businesses, indeed societies, are like big complex machines. Friction and heat is inevitable. In machines we use lubricants to dissipate heat and minimise friction. The lubricant between people and organisations is the ability to negotiate.

Enabling your people to learn how to negotiate now will not only give them something constructive and useful to do, but also ensure they’ve got the skills and tools to deal with any negotiation, be it now in this time of crisis, or those they’ll face in the future.

Our training is delivered as open public courses where individuals can attend or as dedicated “in house” programmes where the participants are all from one organisation. Whatever your needs we can meet them.

Scotwork NZ is running an open Virtual Advancing Negotiation Skills (VANS) course this week and on 21-23 April and 20-22 May. You and your team can join us from anywhere.

Contact us now to book places or for further details., 04 2979069

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