5 Everyday Negotiations

Being able to negotiate effectively is not just important in a professional setting, it can also have a significant impact on your personal life. From resolving family disagreements to agreeing on better prices for household services, being able to negotiate effectively is a crucial life skill.

This article will discuss five everyday negotiations that you’re likely to come across, with handy tips to help you navigate them successfully.


1. Children’s Bedtime

In a recent survey, 33% of parents admitted that putting their children to bed is their biggest sleep routine challenge. If you struggle to get your kids to go to bed at night, you’re not alone!

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to make the task less stressful, including:

  • Establishing a nightly bedtime routine and setting clear expectations. For instance, include activities like bath time and reading to them before bed.
  • Explaining why sleep is important and discuss the benefits. Kids are curious and love asking “why” to understand things better.
  • Making your child feel empowered by getting them involved in their bedtime routine. Let them choose their pajamas or pick which book they want to read before bed.
  • Offering praise and rewards to encourage them to stick to their agreed bedtime.


2. Deciding Between Take Out or a Restaurant

Deciding whether to order takeout or go to a restaurant is a common dilemma with planning meals with other people. The key here is to balance cost, convenience, and personal tastes.

Having an open discussion about different food options is the best way to avoid arguments and keep everyone happy. Make sure you consider factors like dietary restrictions and budgets and try to find a middle ground. For example, you may decide to order a cheaper takeaway and save restaurant dinners for special occasions.


3. Working Overtime

In a recent survey, 71% of people said they work extra hours at least once a week. There are loads of attractive reasons to work overtime but it’s important to maintain a healthy work-life balance — and avoid burnout.

You might be able to suggest alternatives to reduce the impact that over time has on your personal life. For instance, by asking for deadlines to be extended or by delegating certain tasks to other members of your team.


4. Negotiating for Services

Being able to negotiate effectively can save you significant amounts of money on household services like utility bills and monthly subscriptions.

Here are five tips to negotiate better deals for services:

  1. Ask for freebies or more favorable contract terms if you stay with a service provider.
  2. Use price comparison sites and collect multiple quotes before you choose a provider. Remember that many companies offer better deals to new customers.
  3. If they won’t drop the price, try asking to speak to someone more senior.
  4. Say that you will need to go away and think about it. Many companies will lower their prices if you don’t sign up straight away.
  5. Suggest mutually beneficial solutions, such as a discounted rate if you sign up for additional services or a longer contract plan.


5. Negotiating Rent

If you pay rent, it’s likely to be one of your biggest outgoings and a recent report found that Americans spend roughly 30% of their income on rent. Negotiating how much rent you pay might be easier than you think and it’s an easy way to save money each month.

Make sure you research the local rental market before approaching your landlord to request a lower rate. Highlight what makes you an attractive tenant. For instance, that you’ve always made payments on time and taken good care of the rental property.

Signing a longer-term lease is another simple way to save money on rent. Advertising and preparing a property for new tenants is time-consuming and expensive, so landlords will often offer favorable terms in exchange for signing a longer contract. This means you can save money and avoid the cost and hassle of moving.


Final Thoughts

Everyday negotiations like children's bedtime and signing up for new household services are perfect opportunities to improve your negotiation skills. Negotiation is a skill that can be improved over time and with practice, you can become a confident and successful negotiator in every aspect of your life.