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The Lion and the Mouse

Tyler Hall
A Lesson On Negotiating Power From The Lion And The Mouse

For negotiators, an old childhood tale delivers a wise lesson around power in negotiation... 


Once upon a time, in the heart of the jungle, there was a negotiation like no other. A mouse, known for its quick wit and agility, found itself in a predicament with the king of the jungle - the lion. In a moment of misfortune, the mouse had accidentally stepped on the lion's nose, causing him to awaken in a fit of rage. 


The mouse, realising the danger it was in, quickly begged for mercy and promised to repay the lion one day. The lion, amused by the mouse's audacity, decided to spare its life and let it go. 


Months passed, and fate brought the two back together. The lion found itself ensnared in a hunter's trap, unable to escape. It was then that the mouse remembered the debt it owed to the lion and sprang into action. 


With its razor-sharp teeth, the mouse gnawed at the ropes that bound the lion until they finally broke, freeing the mighty beast. The lion, grateful for the mouse's help, offered its protection and the two became friends, journeying through life together, each supporting the other. 


The lesson from this story is clear - power can be fleeting, and those who wield it must be careful how and when they do so. The lion could have easily overpowered the mouse and ignored its pleas for mercy, but instead, chose to show restraint and kindness. In doing so, the lion gained a loyal friend and saved its own life in the process. 


Let this story be a reminder that power ebbs and flows. May we all learn from the lion and the mouse and approach negotiation with wisdom and empathy


Happy negotiating!

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