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Negotiation test

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  • When are EU Citizens Bargaining Chips? When They Are!

    This isn’t going to be popular; to write it – even to think it - sticks in my throat as it offends against my innate sense of fair play and good will to all people, but there really are times when I want to take our elected representatives to one side and slap them about the face. They pontificate and they grandstand; they puff themselves up into rice krispies of righteous indignation; they adopt their “holier than thou” positions; they occasionally demonstrate a frightening lack of common sense and commercial nous and, at the same time, they would have us weaken our position in future negotiations.

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  • Stand-off in the Aisles

    What do Ben & Jerry's ice cream, Pot Noodles, Persil, Dove soap and Marmite have in common? They are all made by Unilever. What does Unilever and Tesco have in common? Dave Lewis, Tesco’s current boss, spent most of his career at Unilever before being poached by Tesco. What does all of this have to do with negotiating? Well, having been in a stand-off that threatened to damage both parties, heads were banged together on Thursday 13 October and a deal was done. We at Scotwork have constantly maintained that external factors are the most common cause of the kinds of conflicts that need negotiated solutions and what happened between Tesco and Unilever is a classic example. External factors do not come much bigger than Brexit...

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Fordelene ved Scotwork Negotiation Skills træning

  • "Tak for rigtigt godt kursus i sidste uge. Som jeg sagde, så var det et rigtigt godt værktøjskursus, hvor man kan tage input og læring og implementere direkte i hverdagen."Thomas Bertelsen, Adm.direktør - OMDLæs den fulde tekst
  • "Meget givtigt kursus. Jeg forstår mange flere facetter af forhandling."Morten Buhr, Driftschef - PostDanmarkLæs den fulde tekst
  • "Tak for et inspirerende og lærerigt kursus. Jeg er meget imponeret over præsentationsformen på kurset, som medfører en markant stor indlæring på kort tid."Pernille Hess Thaysen,Key Account Manager - Nordisk KelloggsLæs den fulde tekst
  • "Vi er overbeviste om at samarbejdet med Scotwork er et vigtigt element i at opnå disse målsætninger og vi kan klart anbefale Scotwork til andre med samme målsætninger."Claus Dahlmann Larsen, Nordisk Salgsdirektør - Nordisk KelloggsLæs den fulde tekst
  • "The structure and content of the different steps that make up the process - also pushing yourself in areas that you had no experience before was very rewarding"Colm Ahern - Technical Services Manager, LVMHRead full testimonial
  • "Outstanding"Lorna Raine - Chief Financial Officer, Yum! Restaurants InternationalRead full testimonial